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Exploring Options Of Cord Blood Banking

Exploring Options Of Cord Blood Banking

While expecting, parents today have the option to explore a new technology that may help in the treatment of a child or family member’s disease in the future. Cord Blood Banking is a relatively new technology which enables parents to collect and store any remaining blood from the umbilical cord after birth. The stored blood is rich in important stem cells, which can be used to treat infectious diseases which might be diagnosed after birth. After collection, the cord blood is taken to a bank and stored cryogenically.Umbilical Cord Blood Banking with www.cellcare.com.au is an option which needs to be planned beforehand, and can be utilized in one of two ways. The first option is to donate the cord blood anonymously to a public bank. The donation can then be used either for research or potentially save the life of another baby.

As a result the donation is no longer available to the family who donated it. A second option involves storing the cord blood at a private bank for personal use. There is a fee for storage, and this option is less popular as the cost of storage generally outweighs the odds of a child or family member needing the stem cells for treatment.

What makes this technology important is the potential for use of the stem cells found inside the blood. Stem Cells have a unique ability to transform into just about any human cell needed, such as bone marrow or platelets. As a result, certain childhood cancers and immune disorders can be treated effectively. For this reason, Cord Blood Banking can enable a stem cell transplant without going through a lengthy search for a matching donor.

The cost of Cord Blood Banking can be pricey. The initial processing can cost as much as $1,800 with an annual storage fee of $100. This comes as an addition to the collection kit, courier service, and the hospital’s fee for collection. However, the benefits can far outweigh the cost if the stem cells are needed to treat disease.

Cord Blood Banking is an option which should only be decided by parents, prior to the birth of their child. If a couple decides the fees are within their means, and their child might be considered at risk, Cord Blood Banking might be a great option. As well, the decision to donate the cord blood could save a life of someone you don’t even know.