Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney

Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney

People get tattoos for many different reasons. Maybe they think tattoos are beautiful, or maybe they want to celebrate a special event in their lives. As time passes, the tattoos they once adored may fade or become discolored, or the milestone they celebrated isn’t something they want to celebrate anymore. No matter the reason, anyone can get laser tattoo removal in Sydney. The only thing that might make some people hesitate is not understanding how the procedure works.


The first time that people go to an office for laser tattoo removal Sydney, they go through a consultation so that the trained professionals, who are usually dermatologists, can obtain a comprehensive analysis of their tattoos and skin. This could include a test patch with variable laser strengths to ensure that the parameters they use will give their patients the best results. After that, dermatologists are able to advise their patients on what to expect from a complete course of laser treatment, how much the treatment will cost and the number of treatments they will need.

Multiple Treatment Sessions

Tattoo ink is made of large particles that are layered into the skin and that the body is unable to absorb. During laser tattoo removal in Sydney, the large particles are broken into smaller particles that the body’s lymphatic system is able to remove on its own. This requires several treatment sessions with weeks in between so that the body has time to flush away the ink. The number of treatments and amount of time in between is based on the size of the tattoo and the health of the patient. Generally, however, there could be anywhere from three to 15 sessions with six to 12 weeks in between each one. Every treatment session may last up to 30 minutes.


Laser tattoo removal in Sydney typically involves the use of Q-switching lasers that can emit various wavelengths of light, each of which target different ranges of pigment. While targeting a specific pigment with a certain wavelength, the pigment absorbs the light. Then, the light is converted into heat and breaks the pigment into small particles. Dark pigments are the easiest to remove because they absorb every wavelength. When a wavelength does not target a pigment, the light either passes through the skin or is reflected.

The skin surrounding the targeted area isn’t damaged during laser tattoo removal in Sydney, making this method of tattoo removal safe and effective. After every treatment session, patients can expected the area to be dressed and to receive after-care recommendations that are tailored to their specific needs.

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